Prevent accidentally deleting deck when exporting

Hello everyone,

the delete button is right next to export, which I use many many many times a day because I dumped hundreds of hours into building my anki decks and have had SSDs failing in the past.

Unfortunately sometimes I missclick and press delete. Which isn’t the end of the world because I can reimport the file quickly from my many backup locations.

What really bothers me though is; that this will unbury all buried siblings and therefore cause me many inefficient minutes, even hours of doing cards that I should see on another day.

I want to know if there is anything I can do, like:

  • make a popup window asking for delete confirmation

  • disable the delete button with an addon that I can turn off, in case I want to actually delete a deck

  • have buried siblings stay buried when reimporting a deck that has buried siblings for that day

I would appreciate any help on the matter.

Thank you guys.

You don’t even need a backup - you can just Edit>Undo.

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