Feature Request: Disallow Deck Deletion

I use Anki on my runs, and for some reason I regularly happen to almost delete a deck by accident. I’d be enormously grateful if you could introduce a preference option that would allow one to block the right–left slide. I’m sure I’m not the only one to edit my cards exclusively on my laptop.

In the latest app store release, deck deletion can be undone. Does that resolve the problem for you?

I’m afraid not really. The problem is that I have more than a hundred decks, and if one of them is missing, I may easily not notice its absence for some time – say in the case of a language where I have nothing to review since I haven’t added a lot of cards lately.

It’s true I’ve deleted a deck only once, some two years ago. But the mere thought is unsettling. Last Sunday, for instance, a few hours before I submitted the ticket, I had again the red Delete button appear when I was running up a mountain… I just wish I could prevent myself from making such dramatic changes on my iPhone.

An on/off option such as “Deck Deletion Prevention” in the Editing window of Preferences would be ideal in my view – similar to the “Double Tap Prevention” in the Review window.

Ok, thanks for the feedback, I’ll give it some thought.

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