Clicking on 'Cancel' to save deck change is less than ideal

In the Android version, when you edit a card you can change the Deck there and then, from a pull down menu. In the iPhone version, you have to click on ‘Tools’, which then shows you a list of buttons, which then shows you a list of Decks.

When you then select the new Deck, there is no ‘Save’ / ‘Cancel’ button pair, there is only a ‘Back’ button.
When you click on ‘Back’, there is no ‘Save’ button - only ‘Cancel’. Clicking on ‘Cancel’ will save your changes. That is very wrong.


I have been using Anki for years and it has be immensely helpful for me.

I actually agree with your criticism, but I strongly suggest trying to be more tactful when you express it. I think you’ll have a better chance of being heard.

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It works this way because the way ‘change deck’ is implemented, it is done immediately. This can be made consistent by changing AnkiMobile’s editor to function more like the desktop version, saving changes as you make them instead of requiring a confirmation step. The original motivation for the confirmation was that edits could not be undone, but that is no longer the case.

Fascinating, but that’s internal details as a user I don’t really care about. That’s the problem with Anki, the UX is obviously dictated by engineering constraints and it should be the other way around

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