[AnkiMobile iOS] Rename "Cancel"-button after adding new cards — rename to "Done"


This is a really tiny suggestion, but I thought you might also like small contributions like this one.

In Anki Mobile, when adding new cards, there is a pretty efficient process where you can add several cards one after another. The only drawback is that when you have added a card, the next screen is directly a new card screen, and the only option to get out of it is to press cancel. This could be confusing for new users. I suggest renaming the “Cancel”-button to “Done”, at least in the case of multiple additions. I know that creates an additional case to manage, that’s the main drawback in my point of view.

Alternative: maybe there could be a wording that works both for the first new card (where “cancel” is the most appropriate wording), and after having added the first card (where “done” is the most appropriate wording). Something like “back”. But it’s less clear.

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The problem is, as soon as the user inputs any text, “cancel” makes more sense than “done”. So we’d be changing from cancel to done and back to cancel as the user types, which I feel might be a bit distracting.


I find it similarly confusing when I want to unsuspend a card or note from the edit card screen. Then the next step is to tap cancel to return to the browse screen, even though the unsuspend action does not get cancelled. I remember the first time I tried to unsuspend a note from mobile, I got stuck at that part, but now I just know that cancel does not actually cancel in that case.

That’s one reason why I thought of the wording “back”, that would cover most situations. And would also be less confusing in your situation @garrettm30, right?

Ok, I’ll change it to ‘back’.

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The change appeared in the latest beta. Much better in my view. Just a little thing: the German localisation now thinks that we’re talking about the back of the card (Rückseite), although we’re actually talking about going back (Zurück). Haven’t tested other localisations. Have a great day!

That string key is ‘actions-back’, so it sounds like the translator has made a mistake. I’ve changed it to Zurück.

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