Press Good button would generate new card

Hi all,
I am studying a ANKI deck built by others.
I found that for a word, if I clicked Good Button (which mean I didn’t remember it now and I need to revisit it in 10 min), it would build 2-3 new cards with same content. I don’t want them.
Anybody here has idea about how to remove them during studying ?

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The Good button is for when you did remember well. If you didn’t remember, you would press the Again button. When you press it, it will not “build” new cards, it will schedule the same cards multiple times, because you need to review the same card several times in a short time to memorize it properly. Or, to be more exact, it will schedule that card for a single review the same day, but it will change its state so that the next time you will review it, if you press Good, it will be rescheduled for the same day again. And so on. The spacing between these reviews, their number and everything else can be configured in the deck options, as explained in the manual.

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Thanks for your quick response to my question.
I have contacted the author of this deck and I have found what happened.
Have a good day.
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