Preset template with text

If couldn’t find what I’m looking for (or it was so advanced for me I didn’t realize that I was looking at the answer).

I want to create a template for verb declensions. So my idea is to have a template with a few words on separate lines pre-typed when adding new cards, so I only have to enter the unique data.

How and where do I enter this template text?

I want only find ways to make it appear after the card has been added, but I want to see it when adding the unique data.

In the editor - which is found in the add-dialog and the deck browser - you should see a “Fields…” and a “Cards…” button on the top left. First, add as many fields as you need for your use case. Then, click on “Cards…” to get to the template editor.

Here you have three sections:

  • Front template, which defines how the front of the card will look
  • Back template, defining the backside.
  • Styling, which is for fancy CSS.

Front and Back templates are interpreted as HTML, but you don’t need to know HTML for a basic note type.

Your field’s content can be inserted with their name enclosed in double brackets {{Fieldname}}.
Suppose you have two fields, called “Country” and “Capitol”, you could write in the Front-template:

What is the capitol of {{Country}}?

and on the Back template:

The capitol of {{Country}} is {{Capitol}}.

You can set up your note type to create multiple cards from one note by writing multiple card templates. On the top there is a dropdown menu showing the note type’s card templates. With the menu to the right of it (“Options”) you can add new templates.

I recommend cloning the basic note type and editing that copy to your heart’s content. For more information on how to create card templates, I’ll point you to the official manual.