Display template text in 'Add' window

Hi everyone,
I create my cards with LaTeX and a lot of these cards include lists. That means I repeatedly type in the command


Typing these commands manually again and again is quite time consuming. Therefore it would be nice if the front field would already be pre-filled with the itemize-command when I click ‘Add’ and open the card editor.

I already read the Anki manual, so I know how to create templates. However, that template text is not shown until you review or study your cards.

Does anyone have an idea how to create a template that shows a predefined text (e.g. the itemize-command) in the card editor?

I’m not sure how you can do that, but alternatively you can use the Symbols As You Type - AnkiWeb add-on to replace a predefined key sequence with your commands.


If typing speed really becomes an issue, as Anki is not meant to be a full-featured text editor, be aware that you can create / modify your notes with external editors, then sync it with Anki.
Most modern text editors have the feature that you ask for.