Preferences font incredibly small - how to change?

Recently upgraded to using Desktop 2.1.34. See attached image. Rest of GUI font looks OK (i.e. system font size is not the problem), but preferences font is impossibly small. How do I change this?

Actually, just realized that it’s not just preferences. Other parts of the GUI are affected as well. This is on a Windows 10 machine. How do I change these fonts???

Do you get the same issues on 2.1.37 or 2.1.35?

Normally in the past I have not had to reboot my machine after installing a new version of Anki - everything worked fine right out of the box. I had to install another piece of software this morning that required a reboot. The reboot fixed the Anki problem.

A big difference between this installation of Anki and previous ones is that my multi-monitor setup now includes a very high resolution monitor (3840x2160) along with 2 previous 1920x1200 monitors. Maybe Anki was using the ultra high resolution setting for one set of fonts and the regular resolution for another set?? Anyway, the reboot fixed the mismatch so that a consistent set of large fonts is being used.

BTW, the mis-matching font sizes have only occurred with Anki - no other program I have installed with the new monitor setup has had this problem.

Glad to hear the issue has resolved itself; sounds like a bug in the toolkit Anki’s built on.