Pls I don't under the languages used what I have taught is different from the answer

Pls. I just started using this app the languages use

Could you please try to describe your problem in more detail? If English isn’t your mother tongue, a translator like DeepL could help: DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator


Assuming you’re referring to a specific deck, it might help if you specify the deck you’re using and the particular card(s) that are not what you expect.

If you want to edit the cards you can press E while reviewing, or press B to open the browser.

There are many reasons the answers might be different than what you’ve been taught - there might be more than one word that means the same thing, or there might be an error in the deck or in your learning materials.

Alternatively, you could also ask the question in your mother tongue, with some luck someone on the forum will be able to answer anyways.