PlayPhrase auto add addon?

hi guys, I have been creating vocab cards and looking for some addon to get content added from playphrase automatically, something like @Shigeyuki forvo addon.

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Hey, you are an English learner trying to add movie phrases to your cards?

If you use "", you can get Gifs.

Gif like this.


Click this button to get Gif.


This way there is no audio, so add audio with HyperTTS.

[ Advanced way : Yarn - HTML ]

Embed this HTML into your card template and you can easily search this site from the “Front” field.

<a href="{{text:Front}}&p=0&type=movies">[yarn]</a>

[ Advanced way : Yarn - Batch Download ]

And if you use add-on, you can batch add Yarn’s movie Gif animations to the cards.

Set up like this.(this adding takes time, so I think a little bit at a time is better.)

Browse -> Edit -> Add Google Images

Name : Yarn
Serch Query: site:  filetype:gif intitle:{}
Target Field : Your image field name
Count: 1
If not empty? : Skip
Width: 0
Height: 0

Gif animation must have Width and Height set to 0 (otherwise it will be a static image).

And Yarn has several mirror sites. These can be used if a Gif is not found.

site:  filetype:gif intitle:{}
site:  filetype:gif intitle:{}
site:  filetype:gif intitle:{}

[ Other way : Youglish - Youtube video ]

Other way, you can search Youtube videos by using Youglish.

Youglish like this.

There is an add-on to embed YouGlish into your Anki card.

And Card Template. (“Front” field)

<a href="{{text:Front}}/english?">[Youglish]</a>
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Hey, I’m exactly looking for yarn batch download method just for playphrase. Will it work with playphrase as well ?

This is not what you were looking for, but it may be useful.

If you have video content on the media, then you can generate flashcards using

Changing the order of the cards by “difficulty” if they have a phrase will help:

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This method does not work with playphrase. Yarn is Gif animation, playphrase is video.

Using this HTML, you can quick search for the playphrase from your “Front” field.

<a href="{{text:Front}}"> </a><br>