Forvo add-on.Bulk download

Thanx Shige to fix this add-on! original -
But I have a problem with bulk download. Can anyone find where is it?As I read a reviews on the ankiweb I’m not the only user with this problem.
And yes, It should be such function, because preferences has link about this function
So, сan anyone help with this? I dont know if @Shigeyuki work with such problem, but I will be very appreciate for help and can make some donation, because it is important for me.
Or, maybe someone have other idea for this problem(I knew about hyperttts but it will be better not pay every mounth 5-10 euros). A know about 2 euros forvo API, but I I’m not a techie, so it is hard for me to connect api with anki and etc
It is horrible when I will have 1000+ card and should add pronunciation by hand.

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Hello, thank you for using this Add-ons. So far I fixed 30+ Add-ons and uploaded them to AnkiWeb.
If you want to support my activities, you can get all my prototype game Add-ons by becoming a patron for $5/month. At the moment there are 10 content (Add-ons) and 16 themes (AnkiArcade characters), so if you cancel right away it’s about 20 cents per one. Thank you.

[ Forvo bulk-download ]
Bulk downloading previously existed, but the original author seems to have deleted that feature because of problems it caused. Presumably Forvo banned IP because they forbid automatic audio collection.

As you say, the solution to this problem is to use HyperTTS or forvo’s API.
HyperTTS is free for Google translate and Windows audio, etc., so consider using those.

[ HyperTTS Free ]
Just enable Free service in the Add-on settings.

  • Tools → HyperTTS service Configuration → Enabel All Free Services

[ HyperTTS + Forvo API ]
You can use Forvo’s API by entering it in the Forvo configuration of HyperTTS.

Otherwise, Azrue voice may be available for free for the first 30 days.

[ HyperTTS Premium ]
If you have difficulty setting up the API, this would be the easiest.
Tutorial videos are available and the author is enthusiastic.
The $5/month plan can be 3000-6000 cards/per month, so I think only $5 is enough.

The Forvo API is quite affordable for personal use. I considered subscribing to it myself, because the service has been so valuable to me – however it is only intended for link/stream audio, not downloadable files.

Audio links lifetime
When you generate an audio link using Forvo API it’s valid during the next 2 hours. If you want to reuse it after that time it won’t work. Important: It is not allowed to cache audio pronunciations.

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Thank for
help! :heart_eyes:.
I made sub in patreon. Thank a lot for help

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Thank you very much, If you need anything else, feel free to make a request and I’ll look into it.

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Hi, first of all thank you very much for your contribution to anki community, as being student your add-ons are really helpful.

I have this feature request to add HowjSay , and Bulk audio adding support

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Hello, thanks for your request.

As I already explained, developing the function to add audio in bulk is a bit challenging.
I am looking into it but I think it will take a lot of time to develop.(HowjSay is the same, developing new features is more difficult than fixing them.)

If you are in a hurry, you might consider using HyperTTS.
This add-on can add audio in bulk so it is very popular on Anki.

thank you so much for your response, i thought HyperTTS is not free, i tried it and magic happened, it just solved one of my biggest problem of creating language cards, as with my writing style you would know that alredy :upside_down_face: , but i encounter this problem with it i selected cambridge for audio , i was previewing sounds and found out that for the word “Despotic” it provided sound of word “Despot” the noun form of it , i thought cambridge might not have sound for despotic but i checked and it has that word sound, now i dont know how many words sound i got wrong, to find out it has to be checked manually, hope not many.

i need some more help to create card type and coding is not my expertise, I have been researching intensively and so far the best card template i have found is this one Maple-Anki-Template by liuzikai (you can google it ), but it is not designed for android and having some problems with it also need some features.

I understand you being busy with maintaining your addons but please try to fix this template , it would be really great help to anki language learning community. :pray:

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[ TTS ]
You may need to use different APIs. HyperTTS is paid for, but for $5 you can add 3000-6000 audio to your card, so about 0.2 cents each.

[ Card Templates ]
If you find a problem with a card template, try reporting the problem to the original author at first. You can report it or request a new feature from Github’s Issues.

[ Language Learning Templates ]
The best card template depends on the language type. You may want to ask if anyone has a good card template for the language learning subreddit.

[ Editing Card Templates ]
If you want to edit a simple card template, you may be able to create it in ChatGPT.
The basics of HTML and CSS are fairly simple, so if you have time, look into it. If you are learning HTML and CSS, you can ask questions about how to edit the code in this forum and the developers will often be able to answer them.

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I have posted a thread please check if you can help


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Creating advanced decks is basically difficult.
On this forum and Anki’s Reddit, it is common to only ask and answer questions about points you don’t know how to code.

I think you should make your own deck to some extent and ask questions about what you don’t understand. The basic card making process is explained in the Anki manual.

If it is difficult to make your own cards, it is common to use premade shared decks.
Editing and customizing them will make it easier to create your decks.

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I have read anki manual and watched some tutorials and learnt how to make note types and card types what what I need help with are the features I mentioned in end of my post, and the other information about my card I just added for suggestions from language learners for better efficiency.

I tried pre-made decks but they are not much use for me, learning without context is really hard for me

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If you have already created your card half way through, you may want to add your card template HTML and CSS to the question. It will make it easier for respondents to understand your requirements.

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alright i got it, i tried to simplify my card design, right what i am struggling with is that

how can i have some of the cards transferred to different deck generated from same note type in same deck, for example i create 4 cards with x not type in z deck, i want 2 cards of them transferred to y deck automatically?

and next most important one how can i have type in answers history log on my card so that i will know what mistake i made last time with spelling.

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Perhaps both are advanced so the default Anki will not do that.

[ Answers history ]
I don’t think there is any way to automatically record type answers so far.
This Add-on may make it easier to edit fields.

[ Transferred ]
There is an add-on that makes this automatic, but I have failed to fix it (Trigger and actions). And even if it isn’t broken, the setup process is quite complicated.

I think it is common to suspend cards rather than move them to deck.
If you want to study cards, you can unsuspend them in the Browse.