Pinned post for FSRS

Would like to suggest adding Some posts and articles about FSRS as pinned post in FSRS



Instead of a pinned post (which disappears), why not add it to the posting template instead?


Are they meant to? It seems like some pinned posts disappear, but others persist for years. I’m not sure what Discourse is doing behind the scenes that is different.

What about both? I think the template is a good idea, because it will appear for anyone who tries to post in the category – from anywhere on the Forums.

But a pinned post (if it will stay put!) has the advantage of catching Forum-category-browsers too, not just posters. And it gives us a static/concrete place to refer folks to without needing to copy the link every time.

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The pinned post is mostly done, will see about topic template

pinned post done:

There is already a topic template which is already good enough ig

Thanks, I’ve pinned it.