Feedback on optmisation

Hi !

When optimizing FSRS parameters I’d like to see a little pop-up on what it has done. Did I do my reviews better since the last optimisation ? The other way around ? Maybe even telling me clearly how my intervals changed.

Also, I didn’t see an explanation to be able to “read” the numbers of the FSRS parameters to see what’s happening, maybe that could be a starting point for people wanting to see the background ?

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I am not sure optimisation has much to do with your recent performance. Such stats are also better suited for the stats screen. Also, ideally in the future optimisation will happen on it’s own without needing the user to prompt it.

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This tool can visualize the intervals scheduled by FSRS with given parameters:

Anki FSRS Visualizer (

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Thank you !

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This resource is shown frequently here and Reddit but it’s Chinese for me. I don’t understand it. How is that graph to be interpreted?

Hmm… It’s English for me

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That is an idiom. It means that the thing is difficult for the person to understand.

The original idiom is “it’s all Greek to me”. They probably changed it to Chinese because L-M-Sherlock is Chinese.

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In my language we use “it’s Chinese to me” or “it’s Arabic to me” interchangeably when we want to say something is out of reach to our understanding. Interesting English speaking countries use Greek instead. Wondering about the reason and what else they use in other countries (China, Arab countries and maybe India?). But that’s getting off-topic :sweat_smile:

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Believe me, I have read all the Reddit posts by ClarityInMadness and digested the whole FSRS docs on Github but I still can’t interpret the graph given by FSRS Visualizer. I don’t see labels to explain. Like what are the numbers on the left for? What about the one on the bottom and the numbers on the right of colored rectangles above (3333, 3332, 3331, 2333…)? What are the multiple lines for? I’m really lost here. I think even simple labels giving a short description would help.

I have heard that before but I always assumed that’s something only people in my country/state do. I also thought it’s xenophobic lol. Never knew something like this was common.

These are ratings. Good. Again. Hard. etc.

1 - again
2 - hard
3 - good
4 - easy
Just like it is in anki itself.

3333 = good, good, good, good
2333 = hard, good, good, good
From several so that you can compare graphs with different answers.

You can remove the extra ones if they bother you.

If you hover over a point on the graph, you will see what the interval will be after this step. % is the difficulty.


Ohhh that’s what they’re for then? I didn’t realize the upper ones were to be interpreted separately (as in 3,3,3,3 and not 3333). Thanks a lot, now this starts to make sense to me. Maybe consider adding this to the visualizer?

I dont think china, arabic countries or india have that saying. I think its mainly western saying.

If someone offers a good guide, the author can post it here:


I just saw Greek to me - Wikipedia and all of those actually use variations of that.

China: It’s ghost script/Martian/bird language to me
Arabic countries: It’s Chinese/Syriac/Hindi to me
India: It’s Persian to me

Pretty sure you can’t generalise it like that. Persian doesn’t have a lot of footprint in Eastern and Southern parts of the country. I won’t be surprised if “It’s Hindi to me” is an expression used in the southern parts of India. In East, “It’s Chinese to me” is a common expression as far as I know, which is ironic because there are a lot of sino-tibetan languages spoken in the far eastern region. In fact, you’ll find tones in languages like Bodo and some eastern dialects of Bengali. I digress though.

(edit: Urdu speakers say “It’s Persian to me” apparently. Expected given that urdu was heavily influenced by Farsi-Arabic)

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You are Indian so you know better than me about the Indian case surely. I was just going off what Wikipedia says which for Hindi specifically gives “क्या मैं फ़ारसी बोल रहा हूँ?” (Am I speaking Persian?).

I never said I’m Indian. Can be anyone really.