Password reset email not sent/received

I’m not getting a password reset email from
I’ve been hitting that page many times now, but no email.

I just completed the sign-up to the forum and received the confirmation email request from that webpage, so emails do get through to me. I’ve checked spam folders etc - nothing.

For I time I thought my account had been deleted, but signing up again informed me that my email was already used for an account, so there IS an account there.

I’d appreciate some help here.Haven’t been able to sync for a week or so.

Please see

Thanks dae. Maybe that FAQ should have a more prominent place or heading, because it did not show up when I searched for missing password reset emails.

Sure enough, does use for spam filtering. Their “support” isn’t very helpful though, as they insist on getting example emails (with full headers) that gets rejected by cyren.

You wouldn’t happen to have an example or two you could share?

The FAQ suggests to change the email - in this case I would actually set up a new, parallel, ankiweb account, right?

I spoke to a sysadmin friend who works for One. He checked with their mail team who informed him that Ankiweb is sending through amazon, and since amazon is used a lot by spammers, which is the reason that you’re getting blacklisted more often.

He recommended that you take a look at your mail provider or if you can find a “better” mail relay inside Amazon.

It’s a dedicated IP address used only by AnkiWeb, not a shared IP address, so it can’t be other users of the same server to blame. The IP has a good reputation according to other sites, so Cyren seems to be an outlier here.

If you have access to another email address and a local copy of your data, you could just create a new account and sync your data to it, and the old account will eventually expire.

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