Parent deck showing different review numbers from subdecks after mobile update

Hi all,
I’m at my wits end. After doing an update on my mobile, my parent deck (and ankiweb) shows extra review cards compared to my subdecks. My desktop app is still working as normal (subdeck reveiws add up to the number on the parent deck total). I’ve checked and there are no cards in the parent deck. The ‘extra’ cards all come from the subdecks. I’m wondering:

  1. How can I get the parent deck reviews on mobile/ankiweb to reflect the total of the subdeck reviews (it was doing this before with no issues)?

Thank you in advanced.

Hi there, wondering if you found a solution to this? having this issue as well and its driving me bonkers! I’ve checked and there are no cards in the parent deck…

You appear to have renamed your deck since the screenshot - were you able to resolve the issue?

I have moved your previous post in here. The v2 scheduler applies limits based on the deck you select to study, so if the parent deck has a larger limit, it may show a higher count. If you want each subdeck to have its own review limits, you can do so with the v3 scheduler.

Which version of the scheduler are you using?

This sounds like it might be due to the same issue/change in the v3 scheduler that I describe here: