J’ai beaucoup trop de paquet et j’aimerais faire de la place sans les supprimer. J’ai exporter les paquets sur mon ordinateur mais lorsque je supprime les paquets sur l’application Anki, cela supprime également les paquets dans la sauvegarde sur mon ordinateur. Quelqu’un aurait-il une solution pour sauvegarder les paquets dans un endroit afin de faire de la place et d’en créer d’autres ?

I have too many packages and I would like to make space without deleting them. I have exported the packages to my computer but when I delete the packages on the Anki application, it also deletes the packages in the backup on my computer. Does anyone have a solution to save the packages in one place to make room and create new ones?

When you delete a deck from your profile, it will be gone from all future backups/automatic backups you make. But the export of the deck you already made isn’t connected to anything, and deleting the deck from your profile won’t affect it.

Are you trying to make space on your hard drive? Or trying to make space inside Anki – either visually on the Decks page, or so you don’t have to sync as much data to AnkiWeb (and a mobile app)?

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Effectivement l’exportation des paquets permet de les sauvegarder dans un fichier. J’ai du faire une fausse manipulation.

Je voulais supprimer des paquets pour faire de la place visuellement à l’intérieur d’Anki.

Merci pour votre aide

If you’re still worried that the decks won’t be saved in the export, there are other ways to make space visually that might feel more secure for you.

  1. Create a “dummy” (empty) deck called zzzz (or whatever you want, the Zs will sort to the bottom of your list), move those old decks into it, and then collapse it. All of those decks will just be one line at the bottom of your list.
  2. Create another profile in AnkiDesktop Profiles - Anki Manual, export those decks, and import them into that 2nd profile. You can be sure they are there and safe before deleting them in your main profile.
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