Losing decks in Anki

It’s the second time that i creat a huge deck and when i SYNK the programme (Anki) “say” that i should upload to Anki or download something from Anki *i don’t remember exactly what’s the sentence * but THE BIG PROBLEM IS WHEN I CLICK ON “download…” I LOSE SUDDENLY MY DECK :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::sob::sob::sob:

  1. go to File -> Switch Profile
  2. Press Open Backup...
  3. Choose a backup that’s been created before you pressed Download

you should have your collection back now

Just to add the when you add cards to your collection you should select upload. When you only what to get whats in the cloud then select download.

@dae would be useful to add an extra warning message pop-up window when trying to download when there is a conflict?


Como baixo backups do anki da nuvem?