Overly Sensitive Cloze Deletion Shortcut on 2.1.50+

Hi, when I try to create a cloze deletion using cmd+shift+c on Anki verseion 2.1.50+, Anki is oversensitive and registers {{c1::{{c2::}}}}. This is an issue that appears on both my built-in mac laptop keyboard as well as an external Bluetooth keyboard.

This oversensitivity occurs on the versions 2.1.50 and 2.1.54 (haven’t tried the .51-.53), but everything is okay on 2.1.49. I run a M1 Macbook Air on Monterey.

There’s a reddit thread re: the same problem in r/Anki titled “Cloze deletion shortcut too sensitive in 2.1.52”

Have people discovered a fix/workaround for this oversensitivity?

I’ve seen a few reports of this, but can’t reproduce it. Could it be the order you are pressing/releasing the keys?