Other types of ordered lists like a,b,c,d, … instead of


we have this mini format pack add-on
which is less needed now in anki 2.1.49 with all the inbuilt features

Is it possible to get a “numbered” list with a,b,c,d… instead of ?

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You can accomplish this by editing the HTML:

<ol type="a">
   <li>Item in list…</li>
   <li>Item in list…</li>
   <li>Item in list…</li>

Thanks! There’s a couple types more here: W3Schools Tryit Editor

I’d suggest making this part of the toolbar. It would fit well as a drop-down menu right next to the image similar to the color drop-down menu.

The end result looking like this image, and in the v menu you’d have I, a, α etc.

Ideally, it would remember the last selected ol type.

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