Add bullet/numbering list

I can’t make bullet/numbering list in Anki. Why are these basic features included? I know bullet/numbering list is not recommended in the 20 rules of SuperMemo. But sometimes I really need to use it.

Add-on are often not compatible with the lastest version of Anki.


Could this javascript code help you in achieving a numbering list?

So far I haven’t come into the situation where the add-on Mini Format Pack wasn’t working after an Anki update.
It adds buttons for the creation of unordered and ordered lists.

My workflow depends strongly on lists, so I’d be happy too if they were implemented by default :+1:t2:

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I agree and strongly reccomend the native integration. I think we tend to greatly overestimate the percentage of users who know or want to install addons and here we are talking about a very basic feature. Also if this we’ll be done i would like to suggestion an edit of the native css of blockquotes, margin and padding in particular
This looks much better than the default list IMO

An “extended” yet basic set of formatting tools (colours, lists, subscript and superscript) should be available on all plattforms.

Right now there is a big update to the Editor toolbar underway. Opening a PR for more list formatting is one of the follow-up PRs I had in mind :slight_smile:


Wonderful! I’m looking forward to it!