As far as I can tell, lists are terrible to layout

First of all, it’s not explained in the manual as far as I can tell, nor can I find it on the internet, how to create a list within a list (another layer, so to speak). Nor how to choose whether the new layer is a numbered list or a bulleted list. Nor how to add a linebreak after a higher layer that returns to a lower layer in the same bulletpoint that the higher layer list was in. I somehow managed to do both in a card but now I would like to do it again and Anki is not allowing me at the moment.

Here is an example of what I would like to do again but is not happening right now:


It doesn’t appear that Anki supports creating nested lists out of the box, at least as far as I can tell. There may be an add-on that adds that feature to the GUI. I don’t use add-ons, so someone else might be able to suggest one if it exists.

As a workaround, if you are comfortable editing some basic HTML, you can edit the list manually. Click on the Toggle HTML Editor button at the top right of the field to open the HTML editor below the field. It’s the button that looks like <>. You can edit the HTML there to change the list.

For example, the following should create a nested list as you require.


Here’s what the code above looks like in the editor.

The <ol> tag creates an ordered list (numbered) and <ul> creates an unordered list (dots). To end the list you put a forward slash before the letters. So, </ol> or </ul>. Likewise each list item begins with <li> and ends with </li>. The web page Creating Lists - Learn to Code HTML & CSS goes into more detail on how lists work.


The button to the right of the two list buttons allows you to increase or decrease the indentation of the current list element. Shift+enter will add a newline.

Ah alright that is helpful, thank you! But it does not solve how to go back to the previous level after a sublist but within the same previous list element, like this:


I had to solve that by using the HTML editor, which is nice to have but I’m happy I don’t need to do this often :slight_smile: <3

Thanks! I figured it out :grinning:

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