Optimal Anki steps for language learning?


Currently, I use Anki with Low-Key for learning English vocabulary as a non-native speaker. My learning steps are 10m 1d 3d and graduating interval is 7 days. These settings work okay for me, but I also found out that some people use more shorter steps like 5m 6h 1d with 5 days of graduating interval. I would like to know your opinions of this like which settings are more preferable for my needs and why.

Learning steps are highly individual. You need to experiment for yourself. But I don’t think they matter that much because the primary benefit of spaced repetition, long-term retention, is achieved after at least several days of reviews.


These are my settings, I’ve learned 12000 cards that way. I also have another deck that uses pictures and I have cards that use multiple words at once that sound similar to help distinguish them.

That’s what I’d do. To me I usually send a card to the next day the first time I see it and 4/5 times I will remember it the next day and press easy.

But that depends on how good your short term memory is which you can train by doing exactly this a lot for instance.

Thank you, I’ll try out your preset!

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