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Opening and closing Browse permanently increases memory usage

I noticed my Anki was getting noticeably slower when I had it running for a long time, and I also noticed that closing and re-opening Anki usually produced an impressive speed boost. When my Anki became so slow that it caused PowerPoint to crash, I opened a Task Manager and discovered that Anki was hogging 1GB+ of RAM. I restarted Anki and began doing my reviews while watching the RAM usage in Task Manager, and this revealed that every time I opened and clsoed a Browse window, the memory usage permanently increased, even if I didn’t make any edits or reviews in between. Once I figured out the trick, I was able to increase Anki’s memory usage from 500 MB to 1000MB just by opening and closing Browse windows. My current workflow involves making many edits to cards and referencing other cards as I go, so this is really problematic for me. For now, I will attempt to manage this problem by keeping my Browse window open and never closing it, in case that helps. However, I would greatly appreciate if one of the devs could take a look at this problem.

I don’t know if it’s relevant, but I am a medical student with ~55k cards in my collection. To be fair, I did not notice this problem when I had fewer cards, but I know that I and many others simple have to deal with large collections, so I think that the same problem is likely to happen to others.

My Add-ons are:
AnkiWebView Inspector
Clickable Tags v20
Edit Field During Review Cloze
Image Occlusion Enhanced
Internal References
Special Fields
Templates Import Export

My Anki version is 2.1.49

Just confirmed that the problem occurs even when I disable all add-ons

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I believed some memory leak has been fixed in 2.1.50. You could try the latest beta to see if the problem persists.

Never mind. I just tried it and can reproduce it with both versions. Must be a different issue then.

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