On Windows, you cannot change the font color with a shortcut key, as it is fixed to blue

The F7 shortcut key for modifying font color on Anki Windows is stuck. It always remains blue no matter how I press it.

You can change the color by clicking on the ⌄ drop-down next to the “A” button in the screenshot below.

Yes, I have modified it, but it is still blue. It is not a problem in the old version.

I am using the latest version 23.12.1

First select the new color as described in the previous message.

Then click and drag to highlight some text in the field, then press F7 to change that text’s color (or click on the “A” button).

I am also using 23.12.1 on Windows and it works for me.

It is possible to click A with the mouse, but you cannot change the color by pressing the shortcut key

F7 is the shortcut to apply the color.

F8 is the shortcut to change the color.

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Yes, the shortcut for the A icon is F7, and the shortcut for the ⌄ icon next to it (to the right of it) is F8.

So F8 opens the Select Color dialog box to change the color that will be applied in future operations, and F7 is used to apply that color, to change the color of whatever text you have selected (by click-and-drag) in the text field itself.

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There’s also https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/2491935955

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Many thanks

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