On Linux, I cannot type in level 4 characters (AltGr + Shift)

Arch Linux, Anki 2.1.54-1.


while I am in Anki studying cards, I cannot type in level 4 characters that are used in international keyboard layouts such as EurKEY, these are special Latin capitals:

Level 1, E = e
Level 2, Shift + E = E
Level 3, AltGr + E = ë
Level 4, AltGr + Shift + E = Ë

Level 1 to 3 are no problem. Also, typing in level 4 characters in the Browse section of Anki and everywhere else in Linux is no problem. That being said, it is not impossible to use special Latin capitals while studying cards, I can type them using dead keys (first ¨ then E to get Ë) but not with AltGr + Shift. Instead, Anki interprets ‘AltGr + Shift + E’ (typed in the text field, not outside) as the shortcut E, which simply opens the Edit window.

Steps to reproduce:
Use the EurKEY keyboard layout.
Click on any deck. then click on ‘Study Now’.
While in the text field. try to type in Ë via AltGr + Shift + E.
Instead of having an ‘Ë’ in the text field, the Edit window will pop up.

Kind regards.

I can more or less reproduce this issue: certain fourth-level characters work, other seem to trigger the shortcut that is bound to Alt plus that character. For instance, if I try inputting the fourth level character on the key whose first level character is I, it will just open the card information.

This looks like a bug that has been reported under windows, where Qt also seems to have some issues mixing Alt-related shortcuts and AltGr as a third level shift.

Also note that my third level shift key is not AltGr, and if I try doing the same with AltG (which is Compose for me), it works normally (ie. it doesn’t trigger this bug).

Thank you for your answer.

The shortcuts are independent from Alt. While outside the text field, typing I will open info, typing E will open Edit and so forth. Typing Alt + I will not do anything (inside or outside the text field). Maybe the shortcuts in Windows are different from Linux. I am using Arch Linux.

Ah yes indeed, my bad, I confused the shortcut that was on I with the one on Alt-I :slight_smile: