Change keyboard layout in Anki? (Windows 11)

Hello, I have the problem that I have a Swiss German keyboard in my Laptop, and Anki therefore doesn’t seem to take over the correct key assignments.

When trying to enter Brackets and special characters, my keyboard differs from the standard (english) keyboard, so I can’t type those letters.

So to type “{”, I have to press “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “ä” at the same time.

If I do so in Anki, nothing happens.

How can I type and use my standard keyboard layout with anki?

(but on the other hand, typing “y”, which would be a “z” in the standard english keyboard layout, works without problem… so where is the error?)

Thank you very much!

@Rumo perhaps this is yet another AltGr issue with the toolkit?

Sorry, I somehow missed this.
My current understanding is that AltGr is read as Ctrl+Alt unless QT_QPA_PLATFORM=windows:altgr is set, and both can be used to access the third level of a key, unless there’s an equivalent shortcut with higher precedence. This issue doesn’t seem to fit with that and I can’t reproduce it, regardless of the environment variable and keyboard layout.
Which version are you using, @LG_GR, and can’t you use the AltGr key?

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