Ogg files suported in Anki Mobile


A lot of people use whatsapp when doing language learning sessions. During these sessions, a lot of times phrases and sentences are recorded. The problem is, when made into Anki Cards for Iphone, they do not play. Is there a work around for this? Anyway to make Iphone play ogg files? I am trying to teach some technically basic people these methods, bulk conversion would seem to be too complicated.


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iOS’s media playing code doesn’t support ogg files I’m afraid, so you’ll either need to bulk-convert the files, or record them in a different format. mp3 is the most widely supported, and is what I’d recommend.

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Yes, use VLC for mobile, it plays ogg (opus) files nicely on the iphone.
Would be nice if that feature could also be added to anki mobile. VLC is open source, so should be possible to understand how they play ogg files.

Are there any plans to add ogg/opus support to Anki on iOS? If it supported ogg/opus, people could ditch mp3 for good since Anki on every other platform already supports it.

Unless Apple add support for it, I’m afraid ogg support is unlikely in the near future.

WebView supports opus codec no? I tested in safari browser using link that directs to local server and it plays opus, but ankimobile does not? Is ankimobile not using webview?

If possible, please consider enable these codecs because they save a LOT of space and help us with large audio files stay under 100MB limit. Helps you with storage costs too. All major chat apps/companies have started switching to opus/ogg/etc codecs due to bandwidth savings. AAC requires me to use 96kbs to get reasonable spoken audio, but libopus I was able to get down to 16kbs! without too much degradation in quality.

I think the issue is that iOS does not natively support ogg (God knows why) so you would have to bundle the libraries with your application. It’s completely feasible, but it’s not as easy as simply supporting more common formats, such as mp3.

It’s not really necessary to dig in the VLC (extremely) large code base, as ogg libraries are simply available here to be bundled in an application, or you can even find them precompiled here.

iOS appears to support opus, but only in Apple’s .caf format. Integrating a decoding library into AnkiMobile would require a rewrite of the current audio code, and I’m afraid I don’t think there’s enough demand at the moment to push that work to the top of the todo list.

ouu, it’s very difficult for me

Okay. This is understandable. Could you then maybe add option to open any non-supported audio files in another app like VLC? Like a share sheet to open in another app or something?

That would make reviewing quite impractical if you regularly had to switch to a different app. I’d recommend you transcode the files to a supported format like mp3 in bulk instead - while it’s a hassle, it only needs to be done once, and then the files will play within the app and on AnkiWeb.

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Okay. I will attempt this using handbrake and see what happens. Thanks.

Okay, looks like I was able to get it to work. Thanks!

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