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Hi everyone!
I wanna buy Anki IOS for using Anki on my Iphone when I havent acces to the Internet. So before I will purchage it I have a question. Doest it have offline mod?I mean can I study without internet connection?
I havent find this information in the description in Anki in the App Store.
Sorry in advance if this is a duplicate question!!

Yes, you can review offline, however syncing devices won’t be available since it is an online feature


If you have material in your notes that requires a connection – like online images, streaming video, TTS read text (in some cases) – that won’t be available when you are offline. But everything else in your (already synced) collection will be.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to get connected again, and sync this device to AnkiWeb before studying/editing on another device. Or your collection may become out of sync.


Just so you know, beware of the several imposter apps bearing the Anki name in the App Store. Some of them may well require Internet access, I wouldn’t know. The real Anki is called AnkiMobile Flashcards.


Re: material that requires an internet connection, Anki is offline by default - when you add images to your cards, a local copy is made, and when you use the built-in TTS feature, it doesn’t require an internet connection. Remote media is rare, and only happens when some deck authors decide to do that.

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