Anki online in iPad

First of all I’m new here and would like to say Hi, you seem a friendly bunch.

My problem. I’ve been away from Anki for a number of years now and I’m returning to freshen up some language skills. I need to freshen up my language skills as well :nerd_face:

There are a number of cards I’d like to delete and if I recall that has to be done online on a computer. Am I correct? The problem is I haven’t got a desktop any more, any work I carry out is carried out on my iPad. So can I get into the full version via the iPad and if so how… pardon if I e got my terms mixed up, hopefully you’ll understand what I mean

If I can’t delete them then I can edit them and turn them into new cards

You can remove cards in AnkiMobile either while reviewing (the gear/cog icon), when editing (Tools), or in the Browse screen (after selecting one or more cards).