Anki for iPad alone?


I’m new here… forgive my ignorance. I would like to purchase Anki for iPad and start studying Japanese :slight_smile: my only device is this iPad (+ iPhone as well) but I’ve seen some discussion on the internet about the iOS version only being a controller or something for the desktop version…?

SO — If I don’t have a desktop at all, is it still a good idea to purchase the app or will I only be wasting money without a desktop computer? Please help!


There are certain operations like modifying fields and card templates that can currently only be done with the computer version. For this reason, I do not currently recommend purchasing AnkiMobile if you do not have access to a computer.

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Ahhhh… that is a bummer! Will that realistically be changed anytime soon or no? What would be the next best thing after Anki?

Feature parity is a long-term goal, but it’s a slow process I’m afraid. “Best” is subjective and depends on your needs; I recommend doing some Googling and/or browsing the app store.

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