Please help me out!

I have bought an Anki file which is for Android, ( the producer doesn’t provide it in iphone version ). I have an iphone…how can I open the file on my laptop? Is there any possible way?

There’s no version of Anki for Android that you have to buy, so I don’t think you bought Anki.

You can find links to all legitimate versions of Anki on the main site – . [The only one that is not free is AnkiMobile for iOS.]

Firstly as Danika_Dakika said, AnkiDroid(which is Anki for Android) is free, so you may have been cheated. Then hopefully I understand you correctly. Do you mean you want to use AnkiDroid on your iPhone or your laptop? AnkiDroid only works on Android OS, and you should use AnkiMobile in iPhone or Anki in Windows, Linux and macOS. It costs about $25 to buy AnkiMobile for iPhone. Anki in Windows, Linux or macOS is free.

The desktop version is also free for Mac.

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Do you mean by Anki file an application to run or a deck of learning cards to display?

You can import .apkg files into the computer version of Anki and then sync, or you can tap on the file on your phone if you have purchased AnkiMobile.