Latest anki desktop on android tablet (in Termux emulator)

I have no any prior idea of coding or anything. I want to install the latest anki desktop to run in my android.Can someone help me from scratch

I’m afraid that won’t be possible, might want to try out AnkiDroid instead

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Yeah Ankidroid is growing better but the browser of it is not great tbh, and only few addons are now being added. I heard there is a way via Termux so I thought its the way to go

I think with your mentioned lack of experience, trying to run a Linux emulator on an Android device so you can install an Anki Desktop Linux version (which has more installation complexity than other versions) – is probably a bit ambitious. :sweat_smile: I would also think that if your Android device is phone-sized, you’re going to have some challenges with Anki Desktop, which is designed for a larger screen (and a keyboard and a mouse).

You’re right that AnkiDroid is more limited than Anki Desktop – but that’s because its meant to be used in addition to the Desktop app. If you want to do things that are more complicated, try using Anki Desktop in its native environment (Windows, Mac, or even Linux!).


No I have a tab and I badly want to do anki in it, help me if possible, I am a medical student so I think I can quite copy and follow the complex task ( that’s what we are doing :joy: lol)

Hopefully someone will have the knowledge you seek!

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