Can I make cards from the mobile app?

Hi everyone!
I have an iPad Pro 2020 and I would like to download AnkiMobile to make flashcards from my iPad. However, I heard that AnkiMobile only lets iPad users to review cards that they make on laptops, and they can only make their cards form their laptops. I would like to confirm that statement before purchasing the app!

Of course you can create notes on Anki Mobile that are turned into cards (please see Getting Started - Anki Manual for Anki key concepts).

A lot of people prefer creating notes on Anki for desktop, as it is faster and gives you much more options (by using add-ons, batch import, more formatting options, third-party automation, …)

Personally I create about half of my notes on Anki Mobile and refine them later on Anki for desktop.

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Hey just out of curiosity, what kind of cards do you make on AnkiMobile?

For the past year I’ve been using Anki on Win10 and sometimes reviewing on AnkiDroid. Now I’m in the same situation as OP (same device same everything) and was wondering how reliable AnkiMobile is for creating cards before making the purchase.

I am aware of the no addons limitation. The “half your notes” you mention are cards that more often than not need polishing on PC or do you review them right away? Especially interested in whether image sizes have to be retouched later and that kind of stuff.

If it’s a chore I will just take notes in a txt file and convert them to cards when I have a PC at hand, and use AnkiMobile just for reviewing. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you!

I add vocabulary/phrases and their translation right away and add audio output later using the desktop version. For content rich notes (with more text, images, formatting, …) i prefer the desktop version.

I wouldn’t make the purchase of the app dependent on the ability to take notes - you’ll benefit greatly from mobile reviews alone.