Can I make cards from the mobile app?

Hi everyone!
I have an iPad Pro 2020 and I would like to download AnkiMobile to make flashcards from my iPad. However, I heard that AnkiMobile only lets iPad users to review cards that they make on laptops, and they can only make their cards form their laptops. I would like to confirm that statement before purchasing the app!

Of course you can create notes on Anki Mobile that are turned into cards (please see Getting Started - Anki Manual for Anki key concepts).

A lot of people prefer creating notes on Anki for desktop, as it is faster and gives you much more options (by using add-ons, batch import, more formatting options, third-party automation, …)

Personally I create about half of my notes on Anki Mobile and refine them later on Anki for desktop.

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