I have a (possibly stupid) question

Can I make and add new cards to my decks using the ankimobile app? I just want to be able to add cards in a basic picture on one side, answer on the other format. Happy to pay for the app if I’m able to do this. I have an account and use the Mac desktop application, but I’d rather just add cards using my phone as I always have it on me and it would make me more productive. I’m currently just using anki for fluent forever. Please could someone let me know - I don’t want to pay for it then find out I can’t and I can’t find a clear answer anywhere. Thanks.

Yes, you can! Check out the user docs here: https://docs.ankimobile.net/#/editing

Thanks for replying. Is the app user friendly? Have you always been able to add cards using the app - because when googling my question I was under the impression that you couldn’t previously?

It definitely isn’t a new feature. I use AnkiDroid since almost a year and was always able to add/edit/delete cards on my phone.
IMO the app is very user friendly but sometimes it’s difficult to figure out where a option/setting is located if you aren’t familiar with the application but learning by doing will do the trick.

The original poster was not asking about AnkiDroid :slight_smile:

@Arcoiris adding cards has been supported for something like 8 years. You can attach or paste images into fields like the computer version. But as mentioned on the app store page, certain actions like adding new card templates must be done using the computer version.