Anki Desktop and iPad

I haven’t had a desktop for a number of years now and found I could get on quite well without it, now I think, I need it!

Up until now I was quite happy with the two field cards : front and back but I want to create a new deck with an extra field, possibly two. I’ve logged into my online account but can’t create a new deck with extra fields. Do I need a pc to do this or can I do it with the iPad. It’s the Apple version I’m working with?

Many thanks Kevin

ps it’s a language Deck I’m trying to design

I’m afraid the computer version of Anki is currently required to add or remove fields and card templates.

Kind of thought that, ah well

Riddle me this though: if I come across a deck that I think would suit my purpose can I download it, clean it up and use that template. It’s a language deck I’d be looking for there has to be some of them about

You can customize the content of card templates inside AnkiMobile, so as long as you don’t need to modify fields or the number of card templates, that could work. Alternatively, if you have a friend with a laptop, perhaps they could let you use it to make the necessary changes.

I’ve downloaded a Anki Deck which, I think, is something I could work with.

The downloaded deck has 8 fields most of them useful to me. The, HOWEVER, is that when I go to add additional cards then I’m only offered the standard three fields: Front, Back and Tags. Is this because the Deck wasn’t downloaded to a desktop?

Now there are a large number of cards already in the deck and I know I can edit cards them and put my information in their place and to be honest this will keep me going for sometime but I do see gaps which I’d like to fill. Is there any work around, or is it ask a friend

Sorry I can’t inser a link it won’t let me!

If you tap the Type: link at the top of the Add screen, you can choose which notetype/style to use. One or more of the displayed ones will have come from the deck you imported, and you can determine which by reviewing one of the existing cards, then tapping the gear/cog, then card info.

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My Anki rests on my iPad and iPhone. I do not have access to a PC.

I’m interested in languages and recently discovered a pre made Deck that was laid out in pretty much the way I wanted. The cards themselves while useful I could do without. You will know that when I go to add an extra card there are only three fields available: Front, Back and Tags. The one I downloaded has eight!

Now there is a note on at the end of these templates that
'At this time, it is not possible to add shared decks directly to your AnkiWeb account - they need to be added from the desktop then synchronized to AnkiWeb.

Is there a way I can get the template into Anki on my iPad or must I, go through a PC

If using a friends PC what is the procedure to download and transfer to my iPad?

Many thanks. Up and running now

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