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When I’m learning a deck, the three numbers below are shown on the screen, but despite looking at the Ankimanual I don’t understand exactly what they mean. The blue number on the left (‘81’ for this deck) means new cards, right? But what is a new card - does it mean that Anki hasn’t shown that card to me at all yet?

The middle number (‘12’) is red, and the right-hand number (‘0’) is green, but I don’t know what they mean.

81 + 12 + 0 (These numbers are displayed as (blue, red, green - from left to right)

Grateful for any clarification on this.


To put it another way, which of the three numbers tells me that I don’t need to do more work on that deck today - i.e. is it when the left, middle or right number shows a zero?

When only the question is shown, Anki shows three numbers like 12 + 34 + 56 at the bottom of the screen. These represent the new cards, cards in learning, and cards to review. […]
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