Number of times Again pressed TODAY Add-on

Is there an Add-on which displays the number of times I pressed again for a certain card? It would be even more helpful if it resets automatically every time I press good on a card, regardless whether it is in learning or in review.

No, as you could imagine, the add on Show Card Stats during Review would not help me nor See previous card ratings in reviewer

I need a sort of number counter, I feel like something like that could be done in HTML somehow.

There isn’t one which tracks “again” that I know of

if you want to see how many times you pressed again in a card, you can just press “i” which shows the information of the card/note

If you want a number counter, there is Puppy Reinforcement and Answer visual + auditory + custom text reinforcement

Hey thanks for the reply, I meant a number counter as in to show a specific counter for each card. Pressing stats for each card not only hinders my Tempo, but it takes a lot of time to figure out how many times you have failed a card amidst all the word jungle there and would be a pain in the ass if you want to count the number of times Again was pressed if you did press it a crap ton.

It would also be helpful if the counter resets every time you press “good”.
I think this is programmable.

I was kind of hoping there was some sort of Add on or a script. Problem is I know eff all about programming. I made ChatGPT start things up but of course is not complete and I do not know where to go from here.