Add-on Suggestion: FAIL Counter during Review

Add-on Suggestion: FAIL Counter during Review

I am aware of the presence of add-ons which display Card stats during review. However for most of my use-case scnerarios it takes up a lot of time to find out what the true again count is.

My suggestion is that there should be an addon that:

-counts the number of times AGAIN is pressed for a card that is being learn in TODAY’s learning session. (Card stats during review does not account for this, it only shows the all time review log for a card)

-shows the count number as a number on-display fixed (position does not change with scroll) on screen for each specific card

-the counter resets every time “GOOD” is pressed.

I cannot write in python and would very much like to have this as an Add-on. I would be very grateful if someone would take up this idea and develop an addon out of it or use this idea as an extension to already existing addons.