Addon to flag cards after three correct reviews?

Hey guys,
can somebody help me to make a simple addon which will flag cards after they have been reviewed correctly three times in a row? I tried to code it myself with the help of ChatGPT (and my very basic Python knowledge) last week but failed. If it’s too much effort I would greatly appreciate any pointers as to how I might be able to code such an addon :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping!

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Rule of 3s
But this is a strange criterion for stopping cards. If I needed it, I would prefer to stop depending on the interval.

I have seen Justin Sung before. Didn’t sound like a crazy guy so I expect some real reason onto why he is suggesting this. But yes it sounds weird. Also, the results of the experiment would heavily depend upon the intervals assigned so I don’t know how that’s going to work.

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By interval, I meant stability.

0.5701, 1.4436, 4.1386, 10.9355, 5.1443, 1.2006, 0.8627, 0.0362, 1.6290, 0.1342, 1.0166, 2.1174, 0.0839, 0.3204, 1.4676, 0.2190, 2.8237

333	4.14	14.74	48.08

1313131333	0.57	2.46	0.99	2.06	0.88	1.42	0.64	1.19	1.82	3.17

Here are two cases when the algorithm suspended the card.

  1. stability = 48.08
  2. stability = 3.17

In the second case, you will forget the card very quickly after the suspension. According to FSRS.

I would use a filtered deck to suspend.
Something like that.
prop:reps>10 prop:s>30

cards that have been answered more than 10 times and cards with stability greater than 30 days

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When you said this, did you mean to say you depend on stability currently to suspend already learnt cards? Hmm… never heard people doing it.

Also I think there are cards I have gotten right three times in a row but the next time I encountered them I’d already forgotten it. So I don’t know how logical Justin Sung’s method is. 3 is also a very arbitrary number.

Stability of memory is a long-term memory variable that determines how long a memory can last if not retrieved. Stability determines the probability of forgetting in unit time (the higher the stability, the less the probability).

Not everyone needs long-term storage of knowledge. Or some hope to implement it outside of ANKI. They use the ANKI only to study the material.

Personally, I came across this when it was necessary to reduce my collection. Stability was a good criterion.


Ah, yeah I guess that works too. Flagging would be better for my purposes but it’s ok. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: .

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