"Number of Mature Cards" by day metric

Hey all,

I’ve recently become much more diligent about daily Anki use and wanted to see how that was reflected in my number of cumulative mature cards.

Ideally, this would look similar to the “Cumulative Cards” line in the “Added” section of the desktop Stats, but would account for lapses, as well as cards I have yet to review.

I was hoping to start in on some scripting for my own analysis (happy to share if anyone cares), but first wanted to check and see if anyone had tinkered with this before or had some pointers for how I’d use the revlog table to reconstruct the necessary snapshot of “card state by day.”



2.1.28 overhauls the stats and graphs. It’s about to be released. You can wait a few days to being able to upgrade. Among other things, it adds running totals split by card state (learning, young, mature, etc).

You can see some screenshots we shared in the beta section:

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Hah, how timely. I’ll wait for the update, then.

Thanks for all that you do!

I’m not sure what manifes is asking for is provided in the new stats - there is a running total of all cards, but not broken down by category.

That’s alright. I wound up tinkering around and getting what I was after anyhow :slight_smile:

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