[Feature] Some addition to the stats


Before I say my suggestion I want to thank the author for the new visualization of stats, it becomes more useful and attractive.

My suggestion is simple. To divide “Future Due” on type of cards (Mature, Young, etc) like “Reviews”. “Future Due” had division before on Mature, Young only. Now it shows the total cards without division.

If it’s possible and you aren’t against my suggestion please add this feature.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not really sure of the usefulness of this - the longer out the graphs stretch, the less accurate the young/mature mix will be, as it’s simply showing the current state rather than simulating what would happen if you reviewed each day. If you look at the Reviews graph you can see how many young/mature cards you’ve done in the past, and you can use that ratio as an approximation of what your future reviews will look like.

Yes, you are right but I’m telling you a little about another thing…
In 2.1.26 (My Anki version before) was division on Mature and Young, and I understood the number of Mature cards or Young cards I will have tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, etc.
Now (2.1.32) chart is solid, there is no division.
How can I see division on Mature and Young cards in the future in the current version?

Anki does not do this anymore, for the reason I mentioned above. You can shift+click on Statistics to get the old graphs for now, but they will eventually go away.