How did my mature card count change overnight?

Over the past few months, I have been approaching the milestone of 50,000 mature cards in Anki, so every day when I complete my daily reviews, I use the stats screen (and an addon) to check my number of mature cards and net matured cards per day, and make a quick mental estimate of how many days away I am from reaching 50,000.

Yesterday, I was at approximately 49,8XX mature cards, and I figured that I would 50,000 roughly around Tuesday 3 October.

This morning, on a lark I checked the stats screen and was shocked to see that I had somehow gotten over 500 additional mature cards overnight, putting me well over the 50,000 target.

Can anyone help me figure out what might have happened?

A few points that may or may not help:

  • New day starts at 4 hours after midnight, but it shouldn’t matter, since I finished my reviews yesterday around 2 pm and checked my stats this morning around 8 am
  • I haven’t done anything to modify the definition of a “mature” card (interval greater than 21 days), and at the moment I’m not even able to find that setting
  • I have been using FSRS and the FSRS4AnkiHelper addon for the past couple of months, but have not rescheduled all cards
  • MacOS Version ⁨2.1.65 (aa9a734f)⁩ / iOS 2.0.96 (20096.3)

Hard to say when the old stats screen and add-ons are involved. What does the new stats screen say? What does it say if you revert to a backup before the change happened?

I kind of figured this out a few hours after posting the thread. The issue is that I have many mature cards on Cloze notes that all get buried when I study other cards on those notes. Those cards are, in fact, mature on a permanent basis (unless I forget one), but buried on a temporary basis, and the stats screen pulls them from my mature count - until the next morning, before starting each day’s study session, when they’re un-buried again.

The way that the stats screen handles buried cards is pretty counterintuitive to me, either breaking out all buried cards and all suspended cards into separate wedges in the pie chart or grouping them in together with the other card states. I think the option to separate suspended/buried cards works well for suspended cards, but when selected, it should show buried card counts as subcounts of the other states (New, Learning, Relearning, Young, Mature, Suspended) and not as their own state.

In other words: suppose I have Note 1 with cards A, B and C, and all three of the cards are mature, and I studied card A this morning. Currently the stats screen lets me see that cards B and C are either mature or buried, depending on whether I choose to Separate suspended/buried cards. Instead, I think the stats screen should show me that cards B and C are both mature and buried.

If they were shown as subcounts, you would not easily be able to see the total suspended/buried count.

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