Notecard Back Cut Off or Switched

Hi everyone! I have a bug I cannot figure out, where it will cut off my notecard back in the middle of the sentence, or will switch the sentence to a different notecard. I have the most up-to-date Anki, and downloaded the Ankings add-ons they recommended (the most up-to-date version). I have tried disabling add-ons and cannot seem to find the culprit. It is inconsistent. I typically use the “type in option” for my notecards. If anyone has any recommendations, I would appreciate it greatly.

When you say that you can’t find the culprit, do you mean that the issue still happens when all add-ons are disabled?

I am also having trouble with this and it is driving me crazy.

If the original poster is still having trouble, they should see Display Issues - Anki Manual

You appear to be using a Mac, and I suspect your problem is different. Could you please explain it in more detail on a new post?