'Note Type ID', 'Card ID' — how to find out?

No longer shown in the card browser …

But for instance, one needs them when editing config.json of anki-forvo-dl • Forvo Downloader (fully automatic, with bulk-add mode) :

    "appendAudio": true,
    "noteTypeSpecific": [
            "id": 1234567898765,
            "searchField": "Wheatfield"
            "id": 1234567898765,
            "searchField": "Playingfield",
            "audioField": "Fieldday"
    "deckSpecific": [
            "id": 1234567890987,
            "language": "en"

They are shown in the card info screen in the browser. Click Cards > info or right-click a card then Info.

The GUI should probably expose the id somewhere, like in the Note Types dialogue. For now, you can execute this in the debug console:


Or for only one notetype:

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Ah, you’re right. Only the note ID and card ID are shown.