Note property to enable/disable burySiblings for _new_ cards

Use case: One note creation style is making “sequential” clozes where each cloze more or less builds on the knowledge from the preceding cloze (i.e. not “just cloze out some keywords” but rather each note being the lesson/subject notes partitioned into small coherent blocks). With this note creation style it would be very beneficial to have an note type option to not bury new siblings so that when initially learning such a note first show of the clozes are “top-to-bottom”.

Once the clozes/cards are no longer new there is no need for “top to bottom” order (and they would be in mixed order anyway since it is unlikely the user would learn each card/cloze at the same speed).

I understand scheduling is made on a per deck basis however looking at _burySibling() in it seems like it should be fairly uncomplicated to add a property to note types (e.g. configure from “Options” for note type, defaulting to “bury siblings even when new”) that is factored in before discarding a card in _burySibling().

I am also aware that there are add-ons that do this however I think it would not be unreasonable for it to be a core Anki feature (likely it would eventually filter out to the mobile apps, so the end user wouldn’t have to rebuild them from source to add an if-statement).

Already possible in the v3 scheduler. The 2021 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions