Not saving new cards (Anki ⁨2.1.52 for Mac M1 Qt6)

HI, here’s the problem:

  • one day I created some new cards as every single day, and then did them together with the reviws and relearning cards;

  • the next day I did my cards and I noticed all the new cards made the day before were completely gone - so after panicking a little, I restored an automatic backup and thankfully all cards were restored too;

  • thinking at that episode as a one-time problem, I continue to study my cards in the following days - after about a week (today) I check the deck and the cards were gone again - I tried the same procedure as before but this time all the automatic bakups lacked the cards (always the same 20-30 cards, I think)

I wasted more than a week of studying because all the reviews and relearning cards were at the same point (steps) as they were in the restored backup, obviously. Even if I restore the latest backup, it has the schedule data of three or more days ago (even if the auto-backup was made yesterday). Anki is also quitting randomly, but not completly: I can not see any windows or open/quit the app, I need to quit the program form Anctivity Monitor (if it is related someway). All that said, I need to say I’m a bit worried. Is there a way to prevent such problem or do I need to check every single day the number of cards hoping not to lose any card?

Please update to 2.1.53 to fix the crashing issue you’re encountering.

I’m not aware of any bugs that would cause new cards to go missing after they have been added. Some things you could check:

  • If you use any add-ons, does the issue continue to occur after you disable them?
  • Is it possible you accidentally deleted them? If so, they should appear in deleted.txt: Backups - Anki Manual
  • Is it possible you imported a .colpkg file, or double-clicked on a .colpkg file on your desktop to open Anki? That would replace your current collection with an older version. The fact that your latest backup had a state from three days ago seems to imply that the backup was created after reverting your collection to an older version.

Thank you very much for the reply

  • I’m pretty sure I didn’t delete the card, manually at leas;

  • Some add-ons are little necessary for my exams (img occlusion), it would be e big problem to disable them. Even doing so, the cards were deleted in random days (the last time I didn’t even notice, as I said). So I would have to wait days to see if it works or not.

I will definitely update to the latest version and try to fin any deleted files. And if this doesn’t work, I will disable add ons. Thaks again, I’ll be in touch if the problem persists.