Recovering cards after Anki crash

I took a small break after working on my decks but when I returned to my Desktop, I received a notification saying, something along the lines of, “Something went wrong. Reload.” I clicked reload, but only a blank screen showed up. So, I decided to relaunch my Anki, only to find that there were 0 cards saved for two of my decks! I had completed one of the decks, and was halfway done completing another before I decided to take my break. I tried looking at my backups, but none of them seemed to have the two decks, even though I added several cards.

Please let me know if there’s some way to fix this as Anki is completely new to me. I have finals this week, and spent more than 2-3 hours trying to complete these two decks!

Anki doesn’t show a message like that. You may be using some other app.

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