No text on front of card

I’m using Anki to study a new language (Tamil).

I’ve created a deck to help me learn the alphabet. The front of the card has the letter written in Tamil and the back of the card has the pre-recorded sound of that letter.

I was having trouble with seeing the text on the front of the card. I troubleshooted that and fixed it by going through the “Cards” after hitting CTRL+Shift+N. I can now see the Tamil text on the front of the card and I can hear the audio on the back of the card.

However, now, when Anki tests me in reverse – playing the audio and then revealing the letter – the letter side of the card is completely blank. No error message, no nothing. Just, blank.

I’ve included pics to help.

What do I do?

The dropdown at the top will let you select and check the second card type.

Thank you! I think I’ve fixed it.