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No learning phase in 2.1 Scheduler (version 2.1.35)

Hello guys so i am using regular decks but for some reason when i press any button (again,hard,good,easy or even pass and fail) the scheduler considers the decks as cram filtered decks and doesnt put them in the learning phase at all. I don’t understand why this is happening and would appreciate some help

What exactly do you mean? Can you elaborate? Is this about new cards?


Yes of course. So i used to use the Hoochie mama addon to randomize my decks as i have multiple decks for multiple topics. That being said, version 2.1.35 no longer supports it so i had to switch to the 2.1 Scheduler. Now my situation is that whenever a card in any deck goes from the new phase to the learning phase it skips that phase and the card goes idk where just like if it considers all the decks as filtered decks and that it is under a"cramming" phase where there is no learning phase.

I’m still not sure if I can follow.
But if you had cards in the learning phase when switching schedulers, they will have been resetted.
New cards should be schedules as before You can upload a screenshot of your deck options. Then we can check if anything’s wrong with them.
Also, the next time you wonder where a new card has gone, you can track it down in the browser and see for when it has been scheduled.

As you can see the settings are just the standard ones nothing special about

Not really, the easy interval is set to 4 days by default, the easy bonus is set to 130%, there is no interval modifier (i.e., it is set to 100%), the new interval for lapses is 0% and the leech threshold is 8.
Please make sure you know what these modifications mean for your studying. (See Deck Options Explained)

However, I don’t see any connection to your current issue.
I’m still unclear about what exactly is happening, though. Anki shows you a new card, you review it and it is then never shown to you again? Is that it?

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Ah yes my bad i changed these according to MIA for better efficiency in my learning in Chinese.

OK so after setting the scheduler it does its normal thing in putting the already learning cards as new cards. Now when i want to start studying a deck and let us say that i have 1 new card 0 learning and 0 reviews alright ? when i press any button even the again button the card doesn’t go into learning it just goes to idk the next day or as a new card but not as learning

That shouldn’t happen with these options. Did you try to reproduce it with all add-ons disabled?
And what do you see when you search for that card in the browser, rightclick it and select Info...?

Hi, did you ever figure out this issue? I am experiencing the same thing currently.