No cards due today

I opened the app to review and view for the first time my cards and it showed I had 0 card due today…
I thougth “oh, already?” and went into the computer to add the next chapter of my book.
Then, on the pc shows I have 20 new cards and 17 to review. I proceeded to add the new chapter as I were already on the PC and synchronized everything, but ankidroid still shows I have 0 cards due today. I’m uploading screenshots to show all that could be the problem but it isn’t.

PC Screenshots:


Ankidroid screenshots:

Try activating “new timezone handling” in ankidroid.

Timezone handling changes - Frequently Asked Questions?

It didn’t work.
I did the cards on my computer, and now it says I have cards on ankidroid

Sorry if the question is too obvious, but after finishing your cards on the desktop, did you sync your collection on the computer (upload Computer > Ankiweb)?
And after launching Ankidroid, did you also sync (download Ankiwweb > Phone)?

It’s all right, we have to check all possibilities .
Yes I did the sync. Only after the sync this happened. Before doing the cards I synced multiple times and it didn’t make a change. It only changed once I did the cards on the pc

Another idea would be to check the info of the same card on the two different devices, if you find any difference, that would be a clue

Another option would be to force a full sync on the device you want to keep.

Some other ideas that you can try: